Deep into the hectic activity and development during our first step at Sakona Donostia – San Sebastián, we almost failed to notice that 30 days went past since we opened doors to welcome our first customers.

For all the team here at Sakona the 8th of February has become a very important date we hope we can celebrate with you every year and for the next hundred!

This has been a very intense month, dedicated to show you our way to understand coffee, working the best way we know to make you enjoy new flavours while you spend a pleasant time with us in this ideal setting as it is the city of Donostia – San Sebastián. For us it is clear that we’ve come strong and to stay, thus we want to thank every one of you neighbours and all who have stopped by, the warm welcome, the best wishes and for letting us know you like our shop, the vibes and what we do.

We also want to thank all the people that help us every day supplying us with their delicious produce. We will tell you more about them with time but we want to name them here so you can have an idea of what Sakona Donostia is about.

First of all we want to thank Behieko for their fresh milk they bring us almost daily, with all the effort this means for them -as Fermin, one of the partners of the small farm, often says “one cow is a problem and two cows are two problems”. The flavour of their milk together with our coffees are, without a doubt, something to be proud at Sakona.

From the hands of Juanjo Barquilla from Agua Embrujada and his impressing tea menu we’ve discovered a whole new world we want to keep learning about. His imperial teas, digestive and relaxing herbal teas are a success, specially during the afternoon, already something we internally call the “Rooibos-Pote” time (rooibos happy hour).

Alkhemi Laboratory’s Sara bring us her cakes with her fancy bike and explain us every single ingredient we can find in her recipes. You can find her at the doors of Sakona tangled up with the straps that ties her enormous box to her bike.

The croissants from The Loaf arrive every morning with Javier Maria and his eternal good mood. It’s an incredible thing that the first person that comes through the door every day is able to cheer you up that way.

And, finally, we want to let you know that the most important rol is yours, who pop by and let us take care of you the best way we know. We’re very aware we owe you a proper opening party. We can now say this will take place during the month of April, after Easter and the Spanish Barista Championships in Madrid.

Thank you for your support and we’ll wait for you here, at Sakona Coffee Roasters.