Chelbesa LOT#5 · Etiopia

Desde 13,35 

Origin: Yirgacheffe – Gedeo – Etiopia.
Variety: Heirloom.
Elevation:1950 -2200 masnm.
Proccess: Natural.

*Description: Notes of lemon, peach and tea, with subtle hints of cola. Complex and tropical, with strong notes of elderflowers.

Sakona Coffee - Tostadores de café

Más información

Chelbesa Lot#5 is grown and produced in the Gedeo area, in the Gedeb district. This district is one of the best coffee producing areas within the famous Gedeb woreda. The Chelbesa area is known for its dense semi-forested vegetation that includes false banana trees and shade-grown coffee plantations. Chelbesa is a great example of an ideal agroecology for growing high quality coffee.

Danche Wet Mill
SNAP Specialty Coffee built its new wet mill in 2019 in a small hamlet called Danche, within the town of Chelbesa. Their ambition to exclusively purchase red cherries from nearby farmers in the village of Chelbesa became a reality after the completion of the project.

At the Danche wet mill, tanks were built with ceramic material for coffee fermentation. Ceramic tanks help provide clarity to the organoleptic profile of the coffee and accelerate fermentation thanks to the heat retained by the ceramic material.

This Lot has been created with the production of 495 small farmers who delivered their cherries to the mill in an area where the most common type of soil is red-brown, a particularly fertile type, rich in iron and with high acidity content. LOT #5 has been processed as a traditional natural coffee, using cherries picked in the second part of the harvest.

The process
The picked cherries are received and sorted with the help of a series of flotation tanks that separate the ripe cherries from the “floaters” (unripe cherries). During this flotation and sorting process the cherries are cleaned with fresh water before being placed on raised African beds to dry for a period of 28 to 35 days.