Gitega Hills · Ruanda

Desde 13,20 

Origin: Gitega, Ruanda.
Variety: Bourbon rojo.
Elevation: 1740 masnm.
Harvest: 2022/23
Process: Lavado.

*Description: Peach notes, complex citric acidity, soft and clean floral notes with a touch of butter.

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Location Gitega Hills – Ruanda
This Gitega Hills – Rwanda coffee is grown and processed just 12 km from Bwenda, in the Cyanika sector. A little further up, next to a disused quartz quarry, is Gitega Hills – Rwanda. Slightly larger than Bwenda, Gitega covers an area of approximately 6 hectares and is close to the small town of Miko. Gitega is the name of the surrounding earth cell. A cell is a smaller area within a larger sector, within a larger region or province.

Built and established in 2016, the station has since been managed by Alex. Everyone who works at Gitega is from the local community and Alex sees the station as playing a valuable and positive role in the area through the work it provides. The good rains the area experienced during harvest indicated great quality for the 2022 season yields.

Gitega employs 150 people, including 11 permanent staff and the rest, seasonal workers. 1,040 farmers contribute cherries to Gitega’s annual production and in 2016 they processed 400 tons of cherries. This season, they had already reached 500 tons of cherry with the expectation of reaching 700 before stopping processing at the end of the cycle. The farms are located between 0.5 km and 7 km apart and are served by 33 different cherry picking points. On average, contributing farms grow only 400 trees. The station provides farmers with EM2 organic compost which consists of recycled cherry pulp from the station with some animal manure. All 1,040 farmers using Gitega have completed or are current participants in the ATP.