Ryirengeye Hill · Burundi

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Origin: Ryirengeye Hill- Kayanza – Burundi.
Variety: Bourbon rojo.
Process: Washed.
Elevation: 1650-2000 msnm

*Description: Coffee with notes of stone fruit, sweet citrus and black tea. You can also appreciate the characteristic sweetness of the Bourbon variety. It is a sweetness that will let you discover the fruity flavours that these fresh coffees offer us.

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Más información

Ryirengeye Hill – Burundi washed process bourbon coffee comes from small producers on Ryiyerngeye Hill in Kayanza. These farmers work with Cafex, a project launched by a Belgian-Burundian couple who wanted to combine coffee production from their ancestral lands with sustainable development and the desire to improve the lives of the local population.

Ryirengeye Hill – Burundi red bourbon is processed and exported by Ikawa Nziza, a partnership between mill owners Cafex and Schluter (now Covoya Europe). It is specifically aimed at building and promoting specialty coffee production in Burundi. The Ikawa Nziza process station was the first specialty infrastructure built in Burundi. It is located at high altitude and designed to process and create high-quality micro-batches.

The process
Ripe cherries are selected from the daily harvests and all those floating in water are removed to select only the highest quality cherries by density. They are then pulped, dry fermented for 14 hours and washed thoroughly to remove all remaining mucilage. The coffee is dried in raised beds, first in the shade and then in the sun for around 20 days. The coffee is carefully turned throughout the process to maintain consistent dryness. Once the optimal moisture content has been reached, the coffee is allowed to rest in a cool, dark environment before exporting.