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In recent years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in how coffee is perceived and consumed, both in Spain and globally. Innovative approaches to coffee production have paved the way for new markets, making coffee a top priority for many. But it’s evident that changes in consumption habits, regardless of culture or location, require significant time and effort.

Originating from the term “specialty coffee” in Anglo-Saxon culture, its introduction in Spain as “café especial” or “cafés especiales” initially caused confusion among professionals and consumers alike. However, as the Spanish market matured, “specialty coffee” has become the accepted terminology, reflecting the growing recognition and evolution of this industry. At Sakona Coffee Roasters, our aspiration is for this distinction to become unnecessary one day. Our vision is for high-quality, clean, and nuanced coffee to be the norm, eliminating the need for the “specialty” label altogether.

In Sakona, coffee is:
  • A seasonal fruit.

  • Fascinating diversity.

  • A great opportunity to make a positive impact on others.